Guidance Applicants

Guidance Applicants

An apprenticeship is a sure fire way to get some great experience when in employment. Not only do you earn whilst you learn but you gain an accredited qualification to go along with your experience in your selected field of work. This subsequently makes you more attractive when looking for a new role or wanting to progress within the current organisation you work for.

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Whilst completing your apprenticeship help will always be available. Encompass Select will always be happy to answer any questions that you might have about your current apprenticeship or a potential apprenticeship path you want to take. An added benefit to taking up an apprenticeship is the continuous help you will get from your more experienced work colleagues.

There is no debt when completing an apprenticeship as this is something that the business you work for looks after.

Why choose an apprenticeship?

Earns Whilst You Learn

All apprentices are entitled to the National Minimum Wage for apprentices, although many employers will pay above this rate.

No Student Loan

When you finish your qualification you won’t have to repay a large student loan.

Further Develop Your Skills

New apprenticeship standards go up to Level 6 and 7 and include Degree Apprenticeships which are the equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree or Masters.

Discount For Food, Clothing & More

You’re entitled to some of the perks of being a student including a National Union of Students (NUS) Apprentice Extra card which will get you discounts at places like Pizza Express and ASOS.

Progression Routes

The new apprenticeship standards can provide great progression routes into a wide range of careers from becoming a Chartered Manager, Qualified Nurse or even a Solicitor.

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