Guidance Employers

Guidance Employers

Why do you need to consider apprenticeships?

The Government are committed to achieving 3m apprenticeship starts by 2020

Public sector organisations are expected to have 2.3% of their workforce on an apprenticeship programme annually

If your organisation has a payroll of over £3m, the organisation will need to pay 0.5% to the Apprenticeship Levy starting in April 2017

This will need to be used towards the training costs of apprentices employed within the organisation or through an ATA.

Many sectors in this country have significant skills shortages/needs including Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Apprenticeships are seen as a way of tackling this issue.

It is likely that in line with the 2.3% public sector duty, organisations involved in the bidding process for public sector contracts will need to consider apprenticeships as part of their tender response, particularly on larger contracts and where outsourcing is concerned.


What Encompass Select will do for you?

Look after the whole process for you, we can even offer a managed service approach for your Apprenticeship Levy.

We monitor and look after the initial recruitment process for you, this includes adverts, sifting (longlisting and shortlisting) process and also setting up and supporting interviews

We offer interview observation to ensure the process is done fairly and even offer some input into which candidates would be best suited to the role.

We look after the apprentice once they are employed, this ranges from paying the individual, handling any HR issues, funding for qualification and delivering / assessing that person.

Encompass Select can also help up-skill any assessors and internal verifiers that you have internally if you would like to deliver the training in-house.

We have experts in OFSTED Common Inspection Framework, Skills Funding Agency Funding Rules and PREVENT Duty meaning if you would like to deliver in-house we can ensure the delivery is high quality and compliant.

In return Encompass Select will charge a management fee, we agree this prior to engagement. We don’t charge a flat rate for all ATA services, instead we take the time to understand your requirements and present a sustainable solution which meets your needs.

If you would like more information or to arrange a meeting with an account manager please contact us.

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